03.03.2011  11:48

Zhao Carlos: "I will be ready for the first game"

Zhao Carlos’s debut for Anji did not come out as anybody could have planned – he was taken off the field with an just 13 minutes into the game

- I didn’t land too well on the artificial pitch after an air duel. After the game the doctors said that I had sprained my ankle joint. I will fly to Belgium where I will perform just in case an MR-image. I really hope that I can train at full strength during the camp in Turkey. I really would like to make it up to our supporters for today’s defeat in the game against Krasnodar.

- What can you say about the game itself?

- My injury changed a lot in the game. Many of my teammates had to play in positions that they don’t usually play. We were not worse than Zenit, and whats more is that no one showed any signs of fear. We need some time to get to know each other better, as for example I still do not remember everybodys name. I would like to thank the supporters who managed to make it to the game regardless of the long trip.