31.01.2012  13:31

Yury Krasnozhan: "We succeeded in many things today"

Head coach of Anji Yury Krasnozhan answered the questions of Anji-TV briefly after the match vs Tromso:

-    We managed to win today only owing to the Regulations that made provision for the penalty shootout in case of a draw. Not everything that we worked over was successfully fulfilled on the field but on whole we succeeded in many things.
Tromso is a good team and a strong opponent. During opening 15-20 minutes both teams` play was of attacking character. Then we took the initiative and had no problems. It`s bad that we were unsuccessful in scoring.

-    Today Rasim played in the position of a left back again. Will it be his constant position now?

- We`ll see. We need another left back except Gadzhibekov. That`s why we give chance to Rasim to play in this position for him to remind his skills necessary for it.