06.02.2012  16:22

Yury Krasnozhan: "I believe in miracles as result of work"

The head coach of Anji Yury Krasnozhan commented on the match vs Aalesunds.

-    Yury Anatolievich, I congratulate you on the first win gained in full time! What is your comment on the game?

-    This meet cannot be regarded separately from the previous ones. There were some moments during which we controlled the ball a bit better. On the other hand we forgot that the most important was to score, not only to keep the ball under our control. Moreover, needless conceded goals. Drawing up the results of the tournament it`s a pity that we did not reach the first place in the group and that we are not to participate in the final. On the other part if it were like that it would be a miracle. I believe more in those miracles that come as result of work and we still have much to work on.

-    At this game both goals were let in after the half time. In all three matches the first halves were performed better than the second ones. Did we lack physics or maybe the subs told on the play?

-    I think both. We lacked not only physics and full potential. The organization plays an important role as well. This organization must lead to a more economic energy expenditure. They could hold out 90 minutes even now.

-    Did you follow matches of Shakhter?

-    Just on the Internet.

-    What can you say about Oleg Shatov?

-    We are glad that he transferred to Anji, glad to work together with him. During these two days he became integral member of the team. Oleg was also received by our old-timers. I wish him success in future work!