08.02.2012  18:33

Yury Krasnozhan: "Glad to see players mastering principle of game`s organization"

The head coach of Anji Yury Krasnozhan shared his opinion on the match vs Dalian Aerbin specially for Anji TV:

-    Yury Anatolievich, congratulation on victory! Your comment on the game.

-     The squad consisted of those boys who played less in the tournament. That was the significance of this meet. On whole we are to glad to see the players mastering the principles of the game`s organization. It goes without saying that we still have much to work on.

-    How do you like the opponent?

-    Disciplined team that played in the Premier-League last year and now holds position in the upper echelon of the Chinese Championship. The team is obviously well-disciplined but not completely ready. They have good defense and offense play. It`s a well-deserved rival.

-    To my mind in comparison with last year today Carsela-Gonzalez shows absolutely different play. He seems to be in perfect form now.

-    Mehdi was in Morocco national team for which he played one match, in general I`m satisfied with the state of Carsela-Gonzalez and Boussoufa.

-   Can you single out anybody from a youth team?

-    They all showed a good play: Muhammad, Kuzmichev and Kukharchuk who had two scoring chances in the first half but failed to carry them out. So I think the reservists looked quite good.