01.09.2014  16:28

Yannick Boli: “Moutari told me many good things”

Having signed the contract for Anji the newcomer gave interview for the club`s official website and informed what he was influenced by when taking decision to transfer to the Makhachkala side.

- I`m very glad and proud to have a chance to play for the club, - Yannick said. I hope I`ll be able to give all I have to Anji.

- Did you consult anyone when making decision to move to Anji?

- Yes, I had a conversation with Amadou Moutari. He provided me with lots of good information, indeed, I knew how many world-ranked footballers performed for the club within two years. It influenced on my decision making.

- What`s your favorite position on the field?

- On the attacking end, the central forward position.

- What`s the physical state you find yourself now and when will you be completely ready?

- I`m not yet totally ready. But in the shortest possible time I`ll be ready to do my best for Anji on the field.