21.04.2016  09:33

Anji to take on Kuban on Sunday, April 24

The encounters between the Makhachkala side, Kuban and Krasnodar can be played earlier, than it was planned.
This can happen in case if Krasnodar promote to the Russian Cup final. The “bulls” will play hosts with CSKA Moscow on April, 20. In case they win, the Krasnodar side will play a decisive match for trophy on May 2.
In this regard, the Krasnodar – Anji game, fixed for May 1, may be shifted for Thursday, April 28.  While the upcoming home fixture of the Makhachkala side vs Kuban can be shifted from Monday, April 25 for Sunday, April 24.

The upcoming match of our team will be played a day before the fixed date.

The dates of the two RPL fixtures, involving Anji participation, depended on the outcomes of the Russian Cup semi-finals: CSKA – Krasnodar and Amkar-Zenit.

In case if the Krasnodar side win, the two upcoming games of Anji (vs Kuban and FC Krasnodar) might have been shifted for earlier dates -  April, 24 and 28. However, the Cup match held today was won by the Moscow side. Zenit`s making the final meant the shift, but only of one fixture – Anji vs Kuban. The change of the fixture`s date is connected with that Kuban take on Zenit in the game of RPL Week 26.

Initially, this match was appointed for April 30, however, due to the Russian Cup game with Zenit`s participation, the Zenit-Kuban match was postponed on April 24, while the Anji-Kuban match was fixed for the upcoming Sunday, April 24.

It`s to be recalled, that the Anji – Kuban match will be played in Anji Arena, kickoff time is 19.00.

The Makhachkala side will take on Krasnodar FC on Sunday, May 1 (19.30).