24.07.2014  15:12

The Anji – Volgar Preview

Превью матча «Анжи» – «Волгарь»

Anji`s upcoming opponent won the Yug zone Second Division league with no defeats in 24 matches.

The Kaspiysk team afforded only six draws and despite the desperate obstinacy of their follower – Chernomorets Novorossiysk that tried to keep the leader under pressure through the whole season won promotion to FNL with one matchday left in reserve.

It`s remarkable that it took place at Anji Arena. This stadium hosted the Dagdizel Kaspiysk – Volgar game. The Astrakhan team gained the 2-1 victory and threw themselves to toss their manager Yuri Gazzaev immediately after the final whistle.

Превью матча «Анжи» – «Волгарь»

Anji opponent didn`t make big changes to the roster in the offseason. Volgar mostly preserved all its regular players and three forwards that displayed threat to defense of the yug zone Second Division clubs – Dmitri Akhbu, Alexander Alkhazov and Sergei Verkashansky.

Latvian player Ivans Lukjanovs  and Serbian footballer Branimir Petrovic can be named big transfers of the Astrakhan club made in the current transfer window. There are also two other footballers at Gazzaev`s disposal who earlier made appearances for Anji – Dmitri Ivanov and team captain Alexey Kolomichenko.

Превью матча «Анжи» – «Волгарь»

The history of the Makhachkala and Astrakhan clubs` encounters tells against Anji rival. Volgar produced only three wins in 20 games, while the Makhachkala side gained 16 wins with one match drawn. The previous two meets were held in the 2009 season when Anji won promotion to the Premier League. The Makhachkala team produced wins in both matches of that League.