10.09.2013  15:00

Tagir Musalov: “The coach`s trust inspires me”

Тагир Мусалов: «Окрыляет доверие тренера»

The Musalov Brothers play for Anji reserve team - Tagir and Magomed. One of them gave interview to the club Press Service. Tagir is a goal-scorer of the second team with two goals made.

-    Specialists note, that Tagir Musalov`s play in the current season is by far better than last year. You make good appearance and have scored twice.

-    It`s up to specialists to judge. But I also feel I`ve started performing better. My brother and I didn`t have a game practice for about a year. Now I keep fit and the coach`s trust inspires me.

-    Isn`t it hard to play on offense without Abdulavov?

-    Well, I won`t make a secret of that, it`s not easy. In fact, we don`t have a nominal centre forward. Thus, centre half and wing halfback have to take that position.

-    Ruslan Agalarov used to send you on offense also. What position is more comfortable to you?

-    Of course, it`s more convenient for me to play as a wing halfback, but I`m ready to take any position that the team needs.

-    In the guest match vs Zenit your brother scored a last-gasp winner. Isn`t he set to become a top scorer?

-    Top scorer? I don`t think so… Magomed is a wing back now and he should feed the attacks.

-    What`s your evaluation of the seven previous matchdays? You, probably, see that the team has advanced, right?

-    The matches` outcomes prove we play better now. We`re still sad, that we were defeated by Rostov. In that encounter our team didn`t deserve a loss.