04.02.2012  13:36

Shatov signs for Anji

The half-back of Ural and Russian youth team Oleg Shatov signed contract for Anji today.

The contract is valid for four years.

Curriculum vitae:

Shatov Oleg Aleksandrovich

Born: 29 July, 1990 in Nizhniy Tagil.

Shatov Oleg
Oleg is ex-player of football club VIZ-Sinara. At the age of 16 he transferred to Ural Ekaterinburg for which he played till transfer to Anji.

During 4,5 years spent in Ural Oleg participated in 124 games and scored 16 goals.

In 2010 he was called up to the national team for the first time. The newcomer of Anji made effective appearance for it – 4 goals in 11 games. In that very year Oleg was announced the best player of his club according to fans and journalists.