28.07.2014  17:11

Sergei Tashuev: “The most difficult for us now is to unlock a tightly regimented defense”

At the Anji – Volgar post-match press conference the team managers gave their commentaries on the match.

Главный тренер «Анжи» Сергей Ташуев

Anji head coach Sergei Tashuev:

-  The game was expected. All our opponents defend too deep in matches vs us. So the most important for us is to unlock the defense. We showed a bit incorrect game. The opponent covered all the zones. We created goal attempts and made pressure on the opponent`s goal, but failed to make the final assist at the closure of the side attacks. The second half featured a successfully executed standard. But, unfortunately, we still lack resources and players for the key positions. Several players hold the fourth match in a row, it`s very hot that`s why the team get exhausted and lacks strength for the goal attempts execution. The opponent created almost no goal opportunity.

Players of what position do you need first? What players did you instruct the Scouting department to seek for first?

-  We have a deficit of the middle line players. We have three central halfbacks plus young boys, who, perhaps, will be ready to take the field, but not today. We`re seeking for them, doing it insistently.

Will Ilya Maximov stay with the team?

-  No, he won`t be with the team tomorrow, we have a day off. He`s on the job. (Smiling).

Is his injury serious?

-  Not so. He received a calf injury. As the weather is hot the players perspire and lack minerals. All this results in convulsions and spasms.

- Why isn`t there Ewerton among the starting XI?

- He missed the first camp, now we`re putting him into shape.

- Asildarov looked heavy on the field. Abdulavov who came for his sub made the play more active.

- This is why Islamnur took the field.

- To your mind, was there a point to field Abdulavov earlier?

- To my mind, as he made a successful appearance, we did all correct. Confucius said: “Nothing comes sooner or later. Everything has its time”.

-  What were you thinking over when the 11-meter kick was taken against Anji goal?

-  I was thinking that Moutari had to make the second goal, then he would make the head-to-heat situation.

-  Angbwa and Grigalava moved to Anji-2. What is there for them in the future?

There is a serious limit put on the foreigners in the First Division. Now we`re seeking for foreign players of the attacking line. We would be glad to let them go, they don`t agree with the salary reduction. They train and seek for the clubs for themselves. You may say they are put out for transfer.

The teams relegated from RPL and having acting contracts with foreigners should be given some privileges. 

In conclusion, I`d like to wish Eid Mubarak to everyone.