09.03.2011  12:13

Season aim – top eighth

The club administration met yesterday evening where the aims for the season were announced. The aim for the season is to be in the top eight. A new system of player bonuses was also implemented. Its main difference is that a home victory in terms of bonuses is much higher than an away win.

German Chistyakov, executive director of FC Anji:

- The aim for this season is to be in the top eight. I think that this is a fare and realistic aim, taking into account the transfer activity that the club has shown in the previous period. We have evaluated our strength and we do take into account that all new players require time to get used to each other. As for the changes in player bonuses, I would like to point out that we have decided to make this innovative step for our supporters. We want our home games to be a real test for our opponents – full stands, highly motivated players. We really hope that our respected supports will give us the much needed energy to help the team reach the aim of the season.