19.10.2015  16:13

Ruslan Agalarov: “We`ve missed two points today”

At the Krasnodar post-match press conference Anji manager noted, that they managed to fulfill the biggest part of the game plan.

Исполняющий обязанности главного тренера «Анжи» Руслан Агаларов

Anji head coach Ruslan Agalarov:

-    Indeed, we need points. All of us know about it. Today we`ve missed two points…The most part of our game plan was fulfilled. In the halftime we told the players to be more attentive, but they happened to concede two goals within a few minutes. Before that time and after it we were more careful on defense.

-    Following the two first half last gap goals, the team`s actions were a bit confused. What`s the reason of it?

-    We had to stand until the halftime, letting in no goal. The lads realized all the importance of it. There was no confusion there.
We showed more simple play in difficult episodes on defense. The opponent pressed us from the middle and attacking lines. There is nothing special in that, the lads showed simple play being pressed.

-    What`s your assessment of the play shown by the debutant, Shamil Gasanov?

-    To my mind, he made a good display. Why was it him, who took to the holding midfielder position? When preparing for this game we watched every athlete in action. Shamil felt much better than the others. Within the recent month Mkrtchyan played numerous games, he got obviously fatigue. We talked with him and arrived at a decision, that he would stay in reserve. But for the red card, Gasanov would spend some more time on the field.

-    Shamil is another story. Are there youth team`s players, who may be involved into the main string`s games?

-    There is a group of youngsters, who are involved into the main team`s practices. Gasanov made better display than others, we consider to put him on the starting eleven. There is another couple of players, but they`re much younger. They lack some game experience.