11.03.2011  12:33

Ruslan Agalarov: "Thanks to my teammates for the game"

Head coach of the Anji youth team commented on the game for the official website.

- We started the game well. As a result Iluridze scored a great team play goal. Although the score drew level almost straight away after a defensive mistake. Apart from the game I really like the effort made by the players. And for this I would like to say thanks to my teammates for the game. The second goal was once again scored by Iluridze. We could have conceded another goal again from a penalty, but our goalkeeper made a great save. Eliakvu, Mirzaev and Iluridze had more opportunities to score more goals. Mukhammad had a decent effort on goal from a free kick. I am happy with the result, but we still have a lot of work to do. Let’s hope that everyone will progress from game to game.