13.03.2011  12:42

Rasim Tagirbekov: "The score does not reflect the game"

Anji defender Rasim Tagirbekov shared his thoughts about the game.

- The game was somewhat equal, - said Tagirbekov. – Krasnodar played very deeply, especially in the second half. At that point we were in total control. But even then the opponent had very quick counter attacks. Either way we should have won as we had more goal opportunities.

- In comparison to the game against Zenit, Anji played a little worse. What is the cause?

- I don’t think that the team played badly. The reason is simple – we couldn’t score. If we scored we would have felt better. And we wouldn’t have to be talking now about why we weren’t that good today. On the other hand we wanted to please our supporters in the first game. I think this also played its role, as we were of course a little worried. The team still lacks understanding between each other. Many of our newcomers only arrived not so long ago. To become a team we need more time. I think that in two-three weeks time everything will be much better. The pauses between each game are also not too good for us. Luckily we have training where we will keep up and improve our form.

- What can you say about the referee?

- One can say that everything was good apart from this one episode that occurred at the end of the game. The guests were very harsh against our players – Agalarov and Zhusiley, but the referee refused to give us a penalty.