05.05.2014  10:51

Rashid Rakhimov: “You need to roll with punches” (VIDEO)

Terek head coach spoke to the media after the match:

-   Understandably, you need to roll with the punches and we do it. To my mind, we didn`t deserve this defeat. Unfortunately, we conceded an early goal and saw Anji switching into defense. Nonetheless, we seized the initiative in the following ten minutes. Indeed, such loss is always offending, given that the hosts created just a few goal chances.

-  What`s more offending to you – to lose like this or having equalized in the final minutes to let in an extra time goal?

-  Do you mean the Ural match? Both variants are offending. Though the situation in Yekaterinburg was different: we played a man down almost the whole match through. However, we rehabilitated after that defeat quickly, our reaction to it was correct. We achieved big victories then.