21.02.2012  03:11

Pitch to be ready for Championship

There are about three weeks left before the home match vs Spartak Moscow, meanwhile the pitch of Dinamo stadium (Makhachkala) is undergoing the preparation stage.

The agronomist of the stadium Gennadiy Ivanov estimated the state of the pitch specially for the club`s website:

"The pitch is in good state, - says Gennadiy Ivanovich. – We have an operation plan according to which field is prepared for the resumption of the championship. When the plan is fulfilled I guarantee you that the pitch will be in perfect state. For the moment the green layer is covered with special blanketing material. This is done specially for saving of the warmth. At the same time the pitch is “respiring” which is also one of the most important factors.

Work started on 14 Feb - the day when the heating system was brought into operation. Next day the field was covered with coating. It was planned to comb the field today but the weather has broken our plans. We hope to do it in the shortest possible time. After it we`ll make some power correctors through spraying and antistress (substance that distresses at low and high temperature)".