16.05.2014  09:10

Lazo Liposki: “We make our apology for the whole season”

Лазо Липоски: «Приносим извинения за весь сезон»

Anji Sports Director comments on the match:

-  I want to apologize for today`s match. The lads did their best but missed their chances, conceded after counterattack. They had a desire, but failed. They are experiencing hard times now, the head coach stayed with the team to encourage them, that`s why he`s not here now.

I want to make our apology on behalf of Anji coaching staff and all the players for the season. I want to say sorry to the club management and the fans. We didn`t cope with the task. Many thanks to the fans for their support, you`ve been with us the whole season through. We must do everything to promote back to RPL.