10.06.2014  21:51

Kislovodsk. Day four (VIDEO)

Кисловодск. День четвертый

Anji friendly match appointed for 12 June was cancelled.

Yesterday, on Monday, the team had one training session. The practice was held on the central stadium of the city, its content resembled the first practice on camp: after a half hour running the footballers split into three teams and played a mini-tournament, in the end of the workout they did the exercises on the muscle and ligaments stretching and flexibility improvement. One-day deviation from a two-time training regimen is caused by a special testing that was held yesterday on 9 June.

The morning exercise held on Tuesday was the longest one among those that the team held in Kislovodsk. It lasted for two hours and most totally consisted of game exercises. The footballers made a short warming up exercises around the field and proceeded to work with balls.

The first exercises lasted for an hour and half and was accompanied with comments from Anji head coach Sergei Tashuev who stopped the game for several times to give his recommendations and make stress on the mistakes made during the combinations and decision taking.

Having done the exercise the footballers split into two groups to improve techniques.

Кисловодск. День четвертый

Meanwhile, Anji doctors received detailed results of the medical examination, that the team players and those invited to camp passed on Friday, 6 June, in Moscow, a day prior to their departure for the camp.

As the results revealed the players are in good physical condition. They`ve already got an official access to take part in FNL matches.

The document issued by the Sports Medicine Hospital in Luzhniki, where the medical exam was taken, gives them the right based on their health conditions. Football players, who`ll join the team later will pass similar medical examination.

Кисловодск. День четвертый

It`s to be recalled that the friendly match appointed for 12 June has been cancelled. The team will play a two-sided game behind the closed doors.

For the time being, five players have officially left the club as they loan contracts expired – Alexander Aliev, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Vladimir Bystrov, Alexander Bukharov and Fedor Smolov.