07.08.2013  18:50

Information message about club`s development strategy


Having analyzed the club`s latest sports achievements following the results of the past period, Anji administration has made a decision to work out the club`s new and long-term development strategy. The new programme aims at gaining success in all the club`s subdivisions with no time limitations.  

Changes to the club`s budget are caused by the UEFA up-to-date requirements and linked with the club obligation to comply with financial Fair Play, at the same time, they won`t lead to considerable deformations in the team`s life and in the current structure of our club on the whole.

Modifications in the personnel policy will be oriented to a long-term prospect. However, it doesn`t suppose huge sale of the players or other actions, that were so heatedly debated in some mass media sources. The club will respect all contractual obligations towards the players.

It must be admitted, that the steps taken earlier, which aimed at the fastest achievement of the maximal sports result with the involvement of big signings - were of no success. It was also proven in the RPL opening matches. The team building will be based on a long-term perspective of the club development, that, indeed, implies concrete changes to the personnel staff.

Anji Academy, formed by the club, is a priority development field, special stress will be laid on it, particularly concerning financial flows.

That also regards other teams of the club that must train home-grown players. We hope they will join the first team in the shortest possible time.

We`re confident, that our faithful fans will respect the decisions made and continue supporting their favorite team.

On our part, we`ll inform about all possible changes to the club structure and its staff in due time.