22.05.2014  12:00



Football club Anji informs that FC Anji head coach Gadzhi Muslimovich has handed in his resignation that was accepted by the club authorities.


Gadzhi Gadzhiev made a speech:

Several days have passed since the final matchday of Anji, all these days were full of reflections. Much was said about how rapidly and in what way our Anji club had been recently reforming, but I can firmly state: the years of 2013 and 2014 were the two very difficult periods that turned into an incredibly difficult season. Perhaps, it`s been one of the most complicated seasons in all my football life. Indeed, destiny had pitted me against extraordinary problems, but Anji newest history is completely unique, even in the football world.

Last summer when accepting the decision to take over Anji in the difficult moment for the team, there was only one thing I cared about: how to help the team, how to maintain stability, how to arrange for the fundamental reformation to allow not only survive but to lift up.

I considered it my plain duty, no other conditions or terms played any role in my decision making.

I`m still of that opinion… All those who have been with me all this time know, that we`ve been working over the set task days and nights, with no days off or holidays. In this aspect I have nothing to blame footballers, my personal assistants, club workers or myself with. I don`t know who could do more than we did or tried to do for Anji in that situation. It`s pity we didn`t succeed in everything. We feel pity for the missed points, unscored goals, less attended matches. I`m sick at heart as we`ve relegated from the Premier League.

Of course, we expected the better result, we hoped for the best, but life, as it often happens, ordered otherwise. As commonly said in such situations – this is football… Thinking over these and other circumstances, which are not to be spoken aloud, I`ve made a decision to hand in my resignation. The owner of the club accepted it. I believe and know all will be ok for Anji.


Best regards,

Gadzhi Gadzhiev

* * *

FC Anji authorities thank Gadzhi Gadzhiev for the done work and wish him further success!