19.02.2012  16:53

Hiddink meets youth team

Hiddink meets youth-team

The head coach of Anji Guus Hiddink has completed his introductory visit to the training fields where Anji youth-team continues preparation for the season.

Hiddink meets youth-team

Dutchman with his assisting managers – Petrovic, du Chatinier and Gordeev – was watching the youth team`s training for about one hour and a half. Guus learnt much about the players` potential from Gordeev as the latter knew each of the players better.

Hiddink meets youth-team

After the training Guus addressed to the players:

- We enjoyed your training.  I`m glad to see you and hope that we`ll meet more often.

At the completion of the acquaintance the whole staff was photographed with the youth-team.