14.10.2015  12:43

Happy third anniversary to Academy!

С 3-летием, Академия!

FC Anji Academy began its activity in October 2012, the very same day three years before.

Its grand presentation ceremony took place later, on 21 October 2012.
The task, set before the Academy, was simple and clear: to train reserve players for Anji main and B-teams. At the initial stage there was a total of 6 age groups formed in Anji Academy.

Those, who stood at its origins, will always stay in our memory, including the outstanding Dutch specialist Jelle Goes, who was the first coach of the Academy.

Nowadays another respected specialist runs the training process, Fuat Usta, he earlier worked with Guus Hiddink in the Turkey national team`s coaching staff.

Today Anji Academy consists of 11 age groups, 15 coaches and more than 200 trainees. It is a developed football infrastructure, modern methods of training process and well-organized everyday life, even for non-residents.

Academy junior teams regularly become winners and prizetakers of various Russian and international tourneys.

‘One closet isn`t already enough for all these numerous Cups and medals, we have to acquire the second one’ – Academy Director Magomed Isaev says smiling, but quite serious.

Academy operates for only three years, but its trainees already make appearances for Anji youth teams and are involved to the main string`s practices.

Enjoy good luck in your football career, dear Academy trainees.