26.09.2013  12:36

Giya Grigalava: ‘Army Men play themselves and let the opponent play’. (VIDEO)

Anji fullback Giya Grigalava gave his commentary on the game:

-    I`ve not played on such field for long. It looks not bad, but in fact it`s dreadful.

-    You aren`t only ashamed of the game, but even have positive emotions prevailing, right?

-    Yes, I`m not ashamed of the game. But I think we created more dangerous opportunities than CSKA. The opponent also had chances, however, they were not so scoring.

-    Do you get on with Adeleye?

-    Our mutual understanding improves day by day.

-    What impressions did the match make on you on the whole?

-    Normal. There was nothing extra ordinary there. We played as usual.

-    Though you went against a leader.

-    It`s pleasant to perform vs them. CSKA play themselves and let the opponent play. However, it`s not easy to create goal chances on such field.

-    You`re given a day off. What are your plans for it?

-    I`ll rest together with my friends.