13.02.2012  19:05

FC Anji official statement

FC Anji accepted the resignation of the head coach Yury Krasnozhan.

On Friday Yury Anatolievich addressed the club requesting to terminate labour relations on his own free will.

Today the club held a business meeting at which there was made a decision to comply with a request of the head coach. The parties came to an agreement not to disseminate the motives and reasons of the parting.

Yury Krasnozhan : “There is only one thing I can say, the main reason of my decision is divergence of basic principles of the staff`s management.

I also ask the fans of football club Anji to understand this difficult decision”.

FC Anji thanks Yury Anatolievich for cooperation and wishes him success on the post of the senior coach of the Russia`s second national team.

The players are to leave for the third camp on 15 February led by Andrey Gordeev, he`ll be assisted by Roberto Carlos.