27.05.2014  18:02

FC Anji expresses gratitude

ФК «Анжи» выражает благодарность

Football club Anji expresses deep gratitude for preparation and organization of the Krasnodar – Rostov game of 2013-2014 Russian Cup final played at Anji Arena on May,8 to the following Ministries and agencies:

-  RD Government represented by the First Deputy Chairman Karibov Anatoly Shamsutdinovich;

- The Anji Arena administration represented by Khizri Magomedovich and Pirmagomedov Rustambek Sedretdinovich;

- RD Ministry of Home Affairs represented by the Minister Magomedov Abdurashid Magomedovich;

-  RD Ministry of Physical culture and sports represented by Minister Magomedov Magomed Yusupovich and First Deputy Minister Salautdinov Zainal Makhmudovich;

-  RD Ministry of culture represented by Butaeva Zarema Azhuevna and Deputy Ministry Gadzhiev Murad Khabibovich;

-  RD Ministry of Transportation represented by Minister Gadzhimuradov Shirukhan Umakhanovich and Head of Transportation and Traffic Department Khudzhaev Yakub Magomedovich;

-  Committee of sports, tourism and youth affairs of Makhachkala represented by the Chairman Aliev Islam Kazbekovich;

-  M.M. Dzhambulatov Dagestan State Agricultural Institute represented by its Chancellor Dzhambulatov Zaidin Magomedovich;

-      Dagestan Football Union represented by its President Budunov Budun Khachabekovich and Vice-President Mikailov Shikhabudin Mikailovich;

-  State Budget Educational Institution Republican Youth football school represented by its Director Markarov Alexander Ashotovich;

-  The Lezginka State Academic Honoured Dance Ensemble represented by its Director Magomedov Dhambulat Musaevich;

Assisted by you football club Anji hosted the Russian Cup final at the highest professional level. The preparation for the game began on the day when Dagestan was announced to achieve such an honorary right, all of us demonstrated that Makhachkala is able to conduct the event of such a high level!