03.02.2012  20:03

Evgeniy Pomazan: "It`s already second present for me"

After the match vs Copenhagen the goalkeeper of Anji Evgeniy Pomazan answered question of Anji-TV:

-    I think the team doesn`t stop smiling, especially you.

-    The most important is that we have won. Only this makes me happy.

-So nobody told you anything in the cloak-room?

- They made some jokes on me.

- What jokes?

- Zhirkov said that our goalkeepers must play in the World Championship final because we win owing to penalties.

- What can you say about the conceded goal and the match itself?

-    It was obvious that in the second half Anji got tired because the team was overloaded with the trainings. And Copenhagen started attacking. As for the goal we have already discussed it with Gadzhibekov. He said he had been too late for the assist and the opponent shot at the goal.

-    We won the second match in a row. Wasn`t it difficult for you to play against the sun?

- No, the sun went down. So everything was ok.

- You have recently had a birthday. One can say it was your present.

- It`s already a second present.  As we gained win in the previous battle too.

-    The second game was more successful then the first, wasn`t it?

-    We played the first half very well. We could score more but success didn`t favor us. Then we got tired. I spoke about it already.

-    Do you need a Cup?

-    Of course we do. We must aim at winning at each game.