18.05.2014  09:41

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov: “I`m thankful to Gadzhiev”

Динияр Билялетдинов: «Благодарен Гаджиеву»

Anji halfback Diniyar Bilyaletdinov set down with the club website to share about his opinion of the season`s final match and his plans for the future:

-  It`s been a really hard-fought match, we put all our efforts to win. Everyone was broken hearted in the change room after the match. We failed to comply with our head coach`s request and finish this unlucky season slamming the door, to give the fans a bit of joy with our play.

What exactly did you fail to do in this encounter?

- Like in the Krasnodar match we missed our scoring chances. We led both games, but failed to score. I see no other reason, we showed good football.

-Your loan agreement with the club is going to expire, what results can you draw up?

- First, I want to thank Anji authorities and Gadzhi Muslimovich for offering me this opportunity to prove myself, for the trust. It`s pity we didn`t accomplish the main task for the season – to remain in RPL, on the other hand, I`ll cherish pleasant memories about the club and people I`ve been working with during these six months. I`m confident Anji will promote to the Premier League within the first year.