09.03.2011  12:07

Diego Tardelli signs four year contract

Brazilian attacker of Atletico Mineiro – Diego Tardelli pinned a four year contract with Anji FC late in the evening yesterday.

The attacker has become the fourth Brazilian player to join the team following the arrival of Roberto Carlos, Zhao Carlos and Zhusiley.

Diego Tardelli, FC Anji attacker:

- It is a great honor for me to defend the colors of Anji. I have spent two days with the team, but I have already felt at home, for which I am grateful towards my teammates. I have had a talk with the club owner and head coach, where I received the green light for my transfer. Anji is a serious and big project. I have been told a lot about Russian football and I hope that this weekend I will be able to make my debut for Anji.

Gadzhi Gadzhiev, head coach of FC Anji:

- I am glad that we finaly managed to buy a sharp attacker, who is able to decide vital games in our favor. We have been looking at Tardelli’s career a lot and I am sure that we have made the correct decision. A lot of people ask me, whether such an amount of Brazilians is not one too many. I am sure that the answer is no. First of all, this season we will try to show attacking football, something that the Brazilians know and do. Secondly, Brazilian people are somewhat alike with Dagestani people, so I have no doubt about any negative situations within the team.