06.09.2011  20:10

Defeat in absence of leaders

Anji – Aktobe – 1:3 (0:2)

Goals: Smakov, 36 – penalty kick. Mane, 45. Eliakwu, 59. Dzhilas, 85.

Anji: Makarov, Joao Carlos, Roberto Carlos (Igonin, 67), Tagirbekov (Iluridze, 60), Agalarov (Ibragimgadzhiev, 55), Gadzhiev (Eliakwu, 46), Ivanov (Mirzabekov, 69), Kebe (Kuzmichev, 70), Muhammad (Gadzhibekov, 42), Prudnikov (Lakhiyalov, 55), Tardelli (Kukharchuk, 72).

Aktobe: Sidelnikov, Smakov, Badlo, Kenzhisariev, Chichulin, Mane, Dzhilas, Kostich, Semenov, Darabaev, Sakhalbaev.

Moscow, Kratovo, 6th September.

The first half was remarkable for attacks from both sides but aggressive acts of our team lacked sharpness and closing pass. Absence of many footballers of the first squad told on the game, footballers who determine style of the team`s play. These days they all defend their homeland in matches of national teams: Eto`o, Zhirkov, Boussoufa, Odil Akhmedov and others.

Aktobe proved to be trained team with set playing discipline and ability to take advantage of the opponent`s mistakes. Firstly Smakov executed penalty appointed for foul against Mane and Brazilian closed the wing attack of the Kazakhstani team – 0:2.

Anji gathered its forces only after the interval. Eliakwu`s coming out strengthened aggression of our team. It was him who scored a return goal: Tagirbekov made pass straightly to Eliakwu. Isah caught the ball, turned back and shot at the nearest goal corner – 1:2.

Unfortunately Anji players failed to advance the success though they did their best for it. The episode in the middle of the second half can be noted as the most beautiful one: Eliakwu surrounded by two defenders passed the ball to Mirzabekov and got back the high cross. Isah made a jump kick but missed the goal.

Close to the end Anji was attacking its opponent: Lakhiyalov and Kuzmichev failed to score. As it often happens Aktobe players were active in their counterattack: Dzhilas took hold of direct pass and sent the ball straightly into the net – 1:3.

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