16.05.2014  16:50

Appeal to Anji fans

Обращение к болельщикам «Анжи»

One of the most difficult and complicated seasons in Anji history is complete.

Perhaps, there is no need to once again remind you of what has been happening to the club during the recent nine months. How and why the club changed, how we tried to get out of the pit, how we clutched to any chance, trying to correct old mistakes and avoid new ones…

We failed. To be precise, we haven`t coped with everything we planned. The main task of the most difficult season - to remain in RPL isn`t accomplished and Anji has relegated to the First League.

The club`s footballers, coaches, workers are worried about what happened not less than you and take this league failure close to heart.

We`ll master unruly our feelings, but we must make apologize to you, our faithful fans for a poor result. Indeed, we had and should have played better.

Anyway, life doesn`t stop at it. The team has set the concrete task – to promote back to RPL, not sometime in the future, but in the shortest possible time – next year.

Anji has everything to accomplish the task and go further, start a new chapter in Anji club history.