12.03.2011  12:36

Anji Makhachkala – Krasnodar Krasnodar – 0:0

Anji got a point from the opening game of the season against Krasnodar.

Anji Makhachkala – Krasnodar Krasnodar – 0:0

Anji: Revishvili, Roberto Carlos, Tagirbekov, Angbva, Gadzhibekov, Agalarov, Zhusiley, Lakhiyalov, Akhmedov (Tardelli, 82), A.Ivanov (Bakaev, 69), Slavov (Golenda, 46)

Krasnodar: Gorodov, Andzhelkovic, Amisulashvili, Vranyesh, Tubic, Tatarchuk, Zhoazinho (Mikheev, 72), Kulchiy (Shipitsyn, 85), Marsiu Abreu, Drincic, Pikushak (Movsisyan, 74)

Yellow cards: Lakhiyalov, 50. Agalarov, 56. Gorodov, 90

Referee: Pettay (Petrozavodsk)

12 March. Makhachkala. Dinamo stadium. 14000 spectators (capacity - 15200).

On the whole Anji had the upper hand and had a number of opportunities to score. During an air duel on the 70th minute, Golenda flicked the ball off to Agalarov, whose strong shot on goal was fantastically saved by the Krasnodar goalkeeper. Akhmedov also made a precise shot on goal. Later on Agalarov rushed into the penalty area where he was harshly brought down, but the referee did not point to the spot. Roberto Carlos had a number of free kicks, one of which became a real test for the goalkeeper. The away side had their opportunity to score, but Tatarchuk missed from close range.


Slavoljub Muslin, head coach of Krasnodar:

- We came here to show good football, but for March we played well. The outcome of the game is fair, as both teams had few chances to score. I would like to congratulate. Anji with a good game and I believe that few teams will be able to win in Makhachkala. I would also like to congratulate my team with the first point of the season, as this is psychologically important for us.

- What suited you more – the game or the result?

- I would say, that the result, as we can show a much better game than we did today. We didn’t look bad in the first half, but after the break we lacked the physical strength to keep up with the game.

 - What is the team’s aim for this season?

- Our aim is to avoid relegation.

- What are the ambitions of your club president?

- To build a good team. We have a great training camp and youth school, the players of which should be part of the main squad.

- Krasnodar has two teams in the Premier League. Do you think that is too many?

- No. Krasnodar is a big city where there are a lot of supporters.

Gadzhi Gadzhiev, head coach of Anji:

- We met a well organized defence, which we could break down only when we stepped up the pace. Tardelli came on during the game, but he still has not adapted to the team. He will get more used to the team if he plays more. What bothered us today was the extra tension and wish to play beautifully in front of our fans.

- Today, it seems, as if the wings did not do their job, especially the right wing.

- Ivanov indeed did not play his best game. I think that Agalarov played a good second half. The fact that he had two good moments is already an indication. We had intentions to bring into the field attacking players who played from the wing. If, for example, Bussuf joins the team, then we will have Lakhiyalov and Tardelli ready to play on the wings.

- Akhmedov played well at first…

- He looked on only good, but in fact great. In my opinion Odil is one of the few footballers who played at their usual strength. His activeness reduced after receiving a knock.

- Will any of the Brazilian go home?

- Tardelli will go to Brazil to say goodbye to the fans, who were against the club’s intensions to sell Tardelli to Russia. Everybody else will fly to Moscow where Tardelli will join us on 14 March. Training will be held the next day.