03.03.2011  11:52

Anji leaves for Turkey

Anji’s players and coaching staff have left for their training camp in Turkey today, which will end on the 11 March. That same day the team will return to Makhachkala.

A number of friendly games have been organized during the camp in Turkey. As for injured Zhao Carlos, he will join the team a little later.

The team travelling to Turkey: goalkeepers – Revishivli, Makarov, Dzhioev: defenders – Tagirbekov, Agalarov, Gadzhibekov, R.Carlos, Angbva, Klyava; midfielders – A.Ivanov, D.Ivanov, Gadzhiev, Bakaev, Akhmedov, Zhusiley, Klimiashvili, Pometsko; attackers – Lakhiyalov, Golenda, Eliakvu, Slavov