26.10.2011  19:23

Anji trainings

Anji training

Anji had other trainings after two days off - Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday the team had training of restoring- unloading character while today – full intensive one. All players participated in the training except Jucilei who missed it because of small injury. However, even after rehabilitation the Brazilian will have to miss the forthcoming tour due to the disqualification.

Anji training

It`s remarkable that during the training our legionaries from time to time made some ringing shouts: “Amkar!”, “Amkar!” But it turned out that they have nothing to do with club from Perm. Our foreigners altered the surname of the goalkeeper Alexander Makarov. The workout traditionally was conducted in a cheerful, lively atmosphere.

As usual, the team will leave for Moscow the day before the match – on Friday, 28th October.