07.09.2014  21:28

Anji comes to fore with least number of missed points

«Анжи» в лидерах по наименьшим потерям

The games of FNL First Division Week 9, played today, had some unexpected outcomes.

It`s to be recalled that today Anji was to have a fixture vs Luch-Energia Vladivostok, however, the game was put off due to the national teams` convocations. The stand-out match was held in Tomsk, where the team coached by Valery Nepomnyashy played host with sole leader Tosno. The hosts were leading 2-0 till the 80th minute, at this the Siberians failed to convert a penalty on the 70th minute.
However, in the closing minutes of the game Tom footballers pulled one goal back and scored the injury time equalizer. The game ended in the 2-2 draw. Tosno still tops the league table.

Krylia Sovetov made two unanswered goals vs Baltika and gained home victory that promoted them to the second line.
Gazovik failed to net goal vs Sakhalin at home (0-0). The Orenburg team now has the same number of points as Anji with the Makhachkala team having a game in hand.
Enisey made Volga`s matters worse, having gained the 1-0 narrow win. The Nizhny Novgorod team earned one point in five recent matches and dropped to the 14th position.

Volgar Astrakhan came close to the leading group, having produced 2-1 the away victory over Dynamo Saint-Petersburg and is currently the fifth. The Matchday`s main outcome is that Anji came to the fore with the least number of missed points.