02.03.2016  14:14

Anji Arena`s agronomist: “The field is ready”

Агроном «Анжи Арены: «Поле готово»

Evgenii Kondrashov reports on the state of the football pitch prior to the season`s resumption:

The RFPL representative has recently paid a visit to Kaspiysk, - the specialist said, - He surveyed the arena, as well as the quality of our pitch. No question regarding the field was made.

Агроном «Анжи Арены: «Поле готово»

We switched on the heating system in the beginning of February. Winter in Dagestan was comparatively wild, there was no need to skim the growing grass. The grass grows so actively, that we cut it for five times. We plan to do it twice prior to the Amkar match.

There is no need for the field`s additional watering. We use this irrigation system for other needs: we dissolve the artificials in water and drench the pitch. This way helps spread the chemical fertilizers equally unlike ‘the dry’ method.