14.05.2014  14:57

Anji Academy team U17 wins SFD/NCFD tournament

Команда Академии ФК «Анжи» 1997 года – победитель турнира ЮФО/СКФО

Anji Academy team U17 became winner of the South Federal District/North-Caucasian Federal District and won promotion to the all-Russian final.

Coach Ruslan Mugutdinov dwells on it:

-  The qualifying tournament was hosted in Azov (Rostov-on-Don). It was participated by 6 teams split into two groups. We beat the hosts in our group: the Azov team (3-0) and the team of FC Rostov Academy (2-1). According to the tournament`s Regulations we promoted to the semifinals and beat the Ramzan Academy team of Grozny – 3:1. We won the league one matchday prior to its closure! In the final dead rubber we lost to the players of the Ponedelnik Academy. The winner of the qualifying tourney makes the all-Russian finals. To my mind, this is FC Anji Academy achievement as we`ve been working for not 10 or even 5-6 years like our opponents from other regions. Nonetheless, our team gains confident wins over our rivals and fulfills their league tasks.