04.11.2011  19:54

Andrey Gordeev: "Physical and psychological conditions of team are good"


Before duel vs Kryilya Sovetov acting head coach of Anji Andrey Gordeev answered the questions of the club website.

- Andrey Lvovich, November began, the football season comes to an end. How do you estimate a physical condition of players for today?

- Both physical and psychological conditions of team are good. It is clear that in the end of a season it's necessary to have some internal additional motivation and additional forces. When autumn begins, as our poet told, "it's sad time, the charm of eyes", it is clear that any additional reserves need to be found in ourselves. And I think that we're doing it perfectly.

- Probably, during this season training loads have been considerably reduced?

- You see, there are different methods. At some moments training needs to be reduced and even to make it not so emotional, and more useful. And in other moments do differently. There are no definite schemes to reduce loads because of the closing of the season. All this is especially individual. For someone who played many matches for club and national team, it is so. For those who did not - it is quite the contrary.

- Boussoufa misses the match vs Kryilya sovetov because of disqualification. Who in these conditions will take a role of the brain center in the middle of a pitch? Who will supply our forwards with goal assists?

- (Smiles.) You will see everything. Come, support our team and you will see. There are some variants. The main thing is existence of those assists, and it doesn't matter who will make it.