06.02.2012  17:42

Alexey Ivanov: "Our well-deserved victory"

The halfback of Anji Alexey Ivanov has shared opinion about match vs Aalesunds:

Congratulations on the victory! What are your emotions, your comment?

— Thanks! We played with good opponent. Therefore game turned out hard. We used our moments in the first half, scored two goals and took advantage — 2:0. After a break our team relaxed a bit, and the opponent punished us. It's a good thing that we scored in the end, the victory was important for us. The game at all was good, it`s our well-deserved victory.

You scored a beautiful goal. Did you see it? It was a left-foot kick.

— I shot at a far corner and, as they say, I got it. Of course I was running with a ball, and as the goalkeeper stood at a near corner, I shot at the distant one.

Why did the team`s play go down in the second half?

— I don't know. We didn't play to hold the score, and the coach gave us instruction to kick the third goal. We made unforced mistakes. Therefore the score became even, but soon we managed to shoot the third goal. It would be insulting to draw.

Do you think that we can pretend for the place in Eurocup with a play shown in the first half?

—There is one month left, we have to work in Turkey also. I can hardly say that the team is completely ready. It is necessary to fulfill the coach's instructions at the trainings. I think we`ll have good results and show beautiful play in the championship.