12.06.2014  11:11

Akhmedov and Burmistrov to Krasnodar

Ахмедов и Бурмистров перешли в

Two halfbacks were agreed to transfer to football club Krasnodar from FC Anji.

26 year-old halfback of Anji and the Uzbekistan national team Odil Akhmedov signed 3-year contract with FC Krasnodar. The footballer has been playing for the Makhachkala club starting from 2011-2012 season. He took part in 86 matches for different leagues having made three contributions.

Ахмедов и Бурмистров перешли в

24 year-old Nikita Burmistrov transferred to Anji in 2012 year. He played 17 matches with one goal scored.