29.08.2014  13:13

Academy teams challenge to make the final

«Академики» продолжают борьбу за выход в финал

In scope of preparation for SFD/NCFD First League U16 and U15 (First League, East zone), two teams of Anji Academy held their fixtures.

It`s to be recalled that Academy teams U15 and U16 gained victories over their agemates from Khasavyurt. This time the academicians met with their countrymen from the Markarov school, which is represented in both age groups “Polytech-GBOU-RDYSS”. The games were held on Sokol stadium of Makhachkala.
Ruslan Mugutdinov`s team U16 lost the game 0-1 after the last-gasp goal. As to the junior team U15 coached by Anzur Sadirov, they produced the 2-0 victory.

Anji Academy teams will play hosts vs Angusht Nazran on August, 31. For the time being, Academy teams U15 have three victories in three matches. Another team of Anji Academy goes along with the leader in amount of missed points.

Both teams challenge for promotion to the kickoff matches, which will draw promotion to the all-Russian final.