05.08.2014  17:48

Anji Academy resumes training

Академия «Анжи» вернулась к тренировкам

Anji Academy teams have resumed training today having come back from vacations and holidays.

Almost all the groups except for the senior ones have started training. This morning the teams U14, U13, U11 and U10 have held practices, an hour and half later it was done by the teams U 16, U12 and U9.

No practice is planned for Wednesday.

The workout schedule for Thursday and Friday is the following:

Thursday, August 7.

09:00 – 2000/2001/2003/2004
10:30 – 1998/1999/2002/2005

Friday, August 8.

09:00 – 2000/2001/2003/2004
10:30 – 1998/1999/2002